Invites Welcomed
Job seekers should just say yes when invited to events, to volunteer and for other opportunities. — Photo by RODNAE Productions on

The winter holidays can be stressful. OK, they usually are. Especially if you are looking for a new job, a new career or you are ready to make a big decision.

I do not have a magic bullet for the stress, but I do know the holidays can bring answers to tough questions, open new doors for your career, and at some point –

for most of us – we get to build memories with family and friends.

One frequently overlooked bonus is saying “yes” to party invitations. Over the years, I have had more clients than I can count who’ve found a new position or made a connection with someone that changed the course of their professional life. It happened over dinner, a cocktail or a casual conversation.

One client had been on the job search for quite a while, but I could tell he was obviously discouraged. He had always volunteered for a charitable organization designed to help children to have a good Christmas. Using his better judgment and with my insistence, he decided to show up. While walking down the aisles, talking with the children and some of the other volunteers, he met the president of a company.

Yes, they got to talking and one thing led to another and BINGO – he discovered the company was looking to hire someone with his skill set.

Say “yes” to the invitations, start a conversation with someone you do not know –

it could lead you to your next position or provide you with the encouragement to look at changing where you work.

There’s a popular television show titled, “Say Yes to the Dress” – I recommend “Say Yes to the Event.”

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