I will change directions in my next blog, but this one was written a few years ago, is as pertinent today as ever. I saw it in the corporate world and in the world of animal rescue. This is the true story of a good friend.

How the power of one changed the life of an Italian school girl.
Photo by Max Fischer on Pexels.com

You are an 8-year-old attending third grade, just arrived from Italy and speak no English. A classmate says something perfectly fine when said in English; however, in Italian the one word you hear is not a good one.

Your response leads to a meeting with the school principal.

Thanks to a wise principal and an amazing teacher, you suddenly have an American name, “Nancy,” and your teacher now works with you every day after school.

Six months later, you are now fluent in English, and everyone assumes you’re an American. But if Nancy had kept her first-given name, “Annunciata,” this would be a different story.

Judgments are made, decisions turn into action and, as it is all too often, many of the decisions are based on one early assumption – your name, the color of your skin or your gender, your height, weight or other physical factors.

However, the same can be equally true when good things happen.

In animal rescue, someone stops, identifies at least one characteristic they like and picks up an abandoned dog or cat and nurses it to good health. They then either fall in love with the animal and add a new four-legged member to the family or work to find it a new home.

So, the power of one is alive and well. And it is a critical part of the power of collaboration, saving lives and making a difference, as well as figuring out how to get along and, quite frankly, necessary for all of us.

orange tabby cat and kitten
Photo by Mochamad Wildan on Pexels.com

Please consider using your own power of one and adopt a shelter pet?

The power of one can change the lives of people and shelter dogs and cats.
Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

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