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Kay Stout Leadership Consulting's STOUT STUFF Blog Part II on how sports help youth transition to work.
By Виталий Сова

Part II: Wresting

The interesting sport I can’t figure out.

Wrestlers fascinate me the most. Whenever they get the chance,
teenage boys eat all the time
. The refrigerator door remains open for
three to four years and no matter how many grocery stores the parents’ support,
the cupboard is usually on the verge of being bare. 

But if you wrestle in high school, you don’t eat.
You tell stories about when your Mom insists you should eat. Why? Because you
need to pull weight before the match. Of course, if you’re diligent, you may
also get arthritis at a young age (once shared with me by a medical doctor).

In front of your parents, girlfriends, TV stations and people you’ve never
met, you willingly wear a singlet (fits really tight),
soft-soled shoes and goofy-looking earmuffs.  The earmuffs are so you
won’t look like Olympic Gold wrestler John Smith when you’re an adult. 

You then get on a mat in front of hundreds of fans and put your hands and
arms around another person in a way you would never dream of doing off the mat.
An adult referee scoots around the mat on all fours while you
work ridiculously hard at grabbing the opponent and using your body in a way to
pin his or her shoulders for three l-o-n-g seconds. The pay-off is getting
your hand held high by the referee in the center of the mat. 

As in the football story, all trophies stay with the school and the letter
goes on the letter jacket.

Think about this when you’re facing situations/rules that don’t make sense
in the world of work. Try making a proactive decision, not a reactive
 Trust me, reactive is much easier now, but being proactive is
usually the right decision for the long-term. 

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