By Kay Stout

I smile every time I remember this successful adoption. It was of a shelter dog named Nelly, an American pit bull from Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, and Bob Stoops, the former coach the University of Oklahoma football team.

Nelly’s foster Mom, Kristen, called me because she had an address to take Nellie to for a visit with a potential adopter, but wasn’t sure who she was meeting. She called me at the Norman-based shelter and asked, “Do you know where I’m going?”

I smiled and said, “Yes, it is Coach Bob Stoops! Just keep driving and let me know how it turns out.” The video above tells the rest of the story very well.

You’ve probably got to live in Oklahoma to understand the importance of Sooner football – it really is a BIG deal. I sent Coach Stoop’s wife, Carol, a thank you email for adopting Nellie and asked her if we could do a video promoting the adoption of shelter pets for Second Chance.

Ever gracious, she said, “Of course!” And we arranged to meet at the OU football practice field. Picture this: OU football team practicing, and we were there to film her story and Nellie’s story.

Seriously! Pinch me!

Shelter dogs can hit the jackpot – Nelly did. And I understand one of the 4,000 rescued beagles is now living the royal life, as well. Yes, they’re special! And oh, are they so worth saving! Just like Nelly, the pit bull puppy, who lives in one of the best homes possible.

Animal Rescue Consultant Kay Stout was recently featured on KTOK AM Radio. She is available for interviews on how to rescue Oklahoma’s homeless pet population. For more information, contact 405-514-3972.

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