By Kay Stout

Stout Stuff Introducing George
Kay Stout introduces readers to George — a guy she can really lean on!

Hi, I’m George. And, Oh Brother, has my world changed!

I was bored and just “hanging” around in a local pharmacy when this white-haired woman picked me up and decided she needs me. The next thing I knew, we were in her car, headed to her house, where she promptly put me in a corner. I’ve since figured out this is my “space,” and I’ve decided I like a place all my own.

The other day, the lady named me “George” which I like very much. Every time the lady goes somewhere, I get to go with her. What I haven’t figured out yet is “why,” but since I was built to assist with walking, I just go with the flow.

When we’re in a building, my owner sometimes swings me around like a crazy pirate with a sword. Hah! It’s an effective way to keep others at their distance. However, once we get outside, the lady has a firm grip on my handle and it’s obvious she needs someone to lean on. ME!

So far, most of the trips have been either to the grocery store or to someplace where they have Silver Sneakers exercise classes. Trust me, it’s an interesting experience for me.  I’ll provide updates to keep you informed about our journey, but for now I’m sure I have a secure future as George.

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