By Kay Stout

Missives from my adventures with my new boss

Someone to lean on!
Everyone needs someone to lean on and that’s how George helps his owner travel safely.

Boy, Oh Boy! I’m learning something new every day. And so far, I’ve been able to keep up with my boss. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

No. 1. I must be special because I’m always introduced whenever we go out. I’ve noticed other “helpers” like me are treated differently .They seem to have no identity. I’ve tried to engage them in conversation, but they seem rather stiff and wooden. I’ve discovered people are kind of uneasy when they see someone like me (or my comrades in arms) helping someone keep their balance. My boss, Kay, breaks the ice and immediately introduces me as her new friend, George.

No. 2. I get lots of chances to show off my agility skills. It must be working because people smile, share stories and, in general, make me feel comfortable. I feel rather sorry for the other canes – they don’t seem to get any recognition. For some reason, they seem to make a lot of people uncomfortable.

No. 3. I know my place when I’m at home, when Kay’s working out at Silver Sneakers and when I’m on some kind of adventure in Kay’s white car. What I haven’t figured out is the names I hear. When we’re in the white car, driven by a redhead, it’s clear my owner has two names – one is Kay and the other one is Thelma. The driver has two names, too. She goes by both Bonnie and Louise. Obviously from the way the ladies talk and laugh, there’s some colorful history I need to learn about concerning their monikers, Thelma and Louise.

What I do know is canes, like me, help people keep their balance and not fall. So, if you’re reading this and you’ve stumbled or fallen, don’t hesitate to get a cane. We’re someone you can always lean on!

Stay tuned!

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