STOUT STUFF: Shelters are Nonprofit Businesses

Animal rescue is a nonprofit business. The last word is rarely said in during conversation – we’re known as a nonprofit. But that last word is important. Lights, heat/air-conditioning, staff and more is what is takes to run a business.

The goal is for Oklahoma to be a Humane State for dogs and cats by 2025. We’re making progress, but I’m not sure we’ll win the race by then. If you sense some frustration in this blog – you’re right. I’m both hopeful and frustrated all at the same time!

STOUT STUFF: The Flood Gates are Still Open

An in-depth study from the University of Oklahoma will soon paint the most comprehensive and compelling snapshot to date of out-of-state animal transport as a vital short-term strategy that helps shelters tread water when it comes to the flood of animals flowing through their doors every day.