Kay with Grand Dog
Kay Stout, owner of Kay Stout Leadership Consulting, visits with her grand-dog, Luna. Stout, a longtime executive director of nonprofits and skilled career consultant, is reopening her former business designed to help people with job coaching and leadership consulting.

Kay Stout Leadership Consulting Ready to take Clients to the Next Level


Already an accomplished corporate businesswoman and serial volunteer, Kay Stout was excited in April 2014 to begin her new job as the first executive director of the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter (PAAS, pronounced PAWS) in Vinita, Oklahoma. “At the time, PAAS was backed by the generous support of a philanthropic donor with incredible vision who funded the newly built shelter,” Stout said. “We were all ready to fulfill PAAS’ mission – the rescue, temporary care and adoption of homeless and unwanted cats and dogs. “But within 60 days, we had more than 160 cats and dogs in the shelter and a lengthy owner-surrender waiting list, but no one was opening the doors at our northeastern Oklahoma location to adopt.” Realizing the limits of PAAS’ traditional animal shelter model, she asked her board of directors for the gift of time to find answers. After conducting research, Stout spread her net wide by reaching out within her extensive national network. By mid-2015 and with the support of her board, she found and implemented a solution by partnering with various rural Oklahoma animal rescue groups, shelters and an independent Colorado-based nonprofit known as the Dumb Friends League (DFL). The DDFL’s goal was to find homes for shelter and abandoned dogs in Colorado. The state’s success in the spay and neutering of dogs had eventually created a public need for adoptable dogs. Stout and her team transformed the PAAS shelter into an animal transport hub and promised that a steady stream of 30 dogs a week would arrive in Colorado and into DFL volunteers’ waiting arms. And that’s how the PAAS “Ride to Rescue” program was born. During Stout’s seven-year tenure leading PAAS, she and her team reached out to the Vinita-area community to identify what it needed to support its pets. A subsidized spay/neuter service helped income-qualified pet owners. The shelter also managed a Trap-Neuter-Release program for feral cats, and the Humane Society of the U.S. “Pets for Life” program assisted owners in need of help caring for their pets, including spay/neuter. By the time Stout left PAAS on Jan. 1, the nonprofit had joined the Oklahoma Humane Society. PAAS’ need to transport dogs and cats out-of-state had also dwindled significantly. She said today she feels happy with all PAAS accomplished and that more than 6,700 dogs and cats have new homes in Colorado. “It is rewarding to put yourself out of business,” Stout said. “I’m excited to begin the next phase of my career. I’ve now reopened my former business under the name Kay Stout Leadership Consulting.” Stout’s new business website is https://www.kaystoutleadershipconsulting.com. Email: contact@kaystoutleadershipconsulting.com or call 405-255-8301.


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