No one gets away with recommending my “sorry self” without suffering the slings and arrows of truth especially about one Kay Stout. What a package she offers. Yes, she’s got the credentials to make a person’s life and career better however more importantly she has the “street smarts,” quick wit, and engrossing laugh to make you accountable. Executive summary: She “gets it.” Stephen “Steve” Q Shannon, LinkedIn member & advocate since 2007. “It’s worth confirming the source before you believe what you see”. S. God, March 17, 2009, Kay worked with Stephen “Steve” Q in the same group

  • Kay Stout is one of the most passionate individuals I have come to know in Oklahoma City. Her vast number of high-quality relationships make Kay a wonderful “must connect to” professional. He commitment to her clients is unparalleled, her character is unquestioned, and her excellence is impeccable! The only quality the exceeds the ones mentioned above, is her burning passion for excellence in everything she touches! I offer my highest recommendation to Kay Stout as one of Oklahoma City’s finest professionals. Sincerely,

E.F. Parrish CEO | Corporate Care, Inc. | Best Selling Author: “Blueprint of a Kingdom Business” | Public Speaker |May 21, 2009, E.F. worked with Kay but at different companies

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