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KTOK Radio Interview with Kay Stout

Kay Stout, animal-rescue consultant and the former leader of several Oklahoma animal shelters, was the featured guest of the KTOK Radio AM 1000’s Gwin Falconer-Lippert Show with Psychologist Dr. Gale Llewellyn Hobson on August 7, 2022 on KTOK AM 1000.

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Video – Kay’s “Pets for Life” interview.

The Pets for Life Program

Dogs of Lexington – –   Kay’s interview starts at 33.50 minutes  

Touching story about the Dogs of Lexington and their trainers at the prison.

Presentation in Watonga for retired people who volunteer.  

Kay Stout speaks to retirees about retirement and volunteering.

Kay stout interviewed by RSU TV’s “Perspectives” TV show.

Kay Stout, executive director, Peaceful Animal Shelter, PAAS, shares her experience leading the innovative programs in northeastern Oklahoma.

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